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“What’s behind you doesn’t matter, it’s whats in front of you!”

– Chris Bergman


Back to the Gym!

As the season closes down and the team starts organizing and planning, it’s time to get my body in shape for next year and some

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Through my years as a roadracer I’ve been lucky enough to win some good titles. It started with SM and quite soon after NM. I

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Season 2021: EWC Endurance World Championship

The season will be set late this year because of the Covid 19 situation. But we will probably start at Le Mans, 17-19 April 2021.

600 Supersport World Championships

The season will be late because of Covid 19. It will probably be late November before we get a calender, but we usually start at Philip Island in late February. Let’s hope that will happen!

Partner & Events

Learn from a professional roadracer in professional racing school or get a personal sponsor to a World Championship contender.

Team building

Endurance racing is all about teamwork under pressure.

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