About us

Our Mission

Our season 2020 was not how we planned it. A crash during the season while training was a hard blow with my left leg stabilized with a lot of metal! My right foot was also a problem with a compression in the heel which wouldn’t heal properly.

But later on in the season I was able to help the team in the Endurance World Championships. First at Le Mans with the set up of the bike for our first team and a little testing as well, which went well. So we decided to try again at the last endurance race where I helped the Polish guys in the Stock team to a 3rd place, and had some really good times. It felt good and my form is still very good even after this serious accident.

This season, I feel fit and the bike will be more competitive this season. The team’s confidence in me gives me a good feeling which I want to show in the results!

The team has been the groundwork of our success, improving all the time and wanting to do better. The bike was good in 2020 but will be even better for the 2021 season. It feels like were on the right track to get a high position next year.

Our Values

We believe that you can only get out what you put into your racing. If you don’t put in the work, then your results will match this lack of labour! It’s the same for you and your company. If we are to work together then we must make the effort needed to give the boost you want for your company.


We’re always looking at new products, sometimes for the bike, or our own equipment.

But even as a private person, my girlfriend Malin and I do most things together and are seen in a variety of pictures and situations. We are both interested in design, clothes and accessories. Maybe we can endorse just your product – be it sunglasses, shoes or clothing – we would love to help you.

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