Back to the Gym!

As the season closes down and the team starts organizing and planning, it’s time to get my body in shape for the 2021 season. It will be an intense year with a late start, and some endurance racing as well.


Through my years as a roadracer I’ve been lucky enough to win some good titles. It started with SM and quite soon after NM. I then went on to the international part of my career and raced in the Stock 1000 World Cup. After joining Wojcik I won the European Stock 1000 Cup and have …

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The season is now over! The team had their end of season party in Poland and two trackdays with some of their partners This was a historic year for the young team with such a high place in the EWC series, and winning the Dunlop Cup. Regarding the Superport WC, we’ll be trying even harder …

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Now it’s time to train again and to really get my legs and feet to 100%. Motocross will not be on the table this Winter  but we will find other ways to keep up the bike side of things – riding on ice maybe! Leg training!