For those who wish to take themselves to the next level

Anybody who thinks they can get there without doing the work, can stop right here! Behind the track work you need to be on a high level as an athlete, as well to do what’s needed!

There are hundreds of roadracers out there dreaming the same way I did when I became a roadracer, of course hoping to be one of the chosen few, able to compete at the highest level.

Through my unique cooperation with Filip Backlund at Trackdays, you can learn how to get the best out of your riding with tips I’ve learnt during my career. Filip’s days are the best on the market today and your experience at his trackdays will be fantastic.

I will be at some of the events during my summer break in the World Championships. I really hope to see you there!


I will circulate through the groups and give you tips about your riding and how to improve.

I will help you to ride in a way that will make you more competitive and know how to do more than your competitors. I will give you tips on style, race strategy, MC set-ups, settings, and test and training programs to get you in the right shape to be able to do what you have learned.

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