Suited for comfort and safety

Selling our own designs as well as give you the opportunity to design your own.

After my years of racing I have always had a lot of opinions about how my leathers should sit and about their design. I decided quite early on that I would like to do my own race clothes, so we’ll start here together with gloves. 

Personal safety is very important, I know because I’ve had some serious crashes in my life and know the importance of good personal equipment. Especially gloves, when you crash at high speeds you need to protect your extremities as best you can – they always seem to be the things that get damaged first! My gloves are high quality and special designed by me, to give you the comfort when riding which is absolutely necessary but also safety.

Starting now! We have made our own World Championship Series T – Shirt  and a CB71 Cap!

Because of the situation with Corona our leathers  & gloves collection is delayed, but we hope to get things going during the Summer!

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