Why Adventure?

Easy answer, when starting something new it’s always an adventure – for me it’s like getting on a plane and going to places unknown. Can’t get better than that!


All employers yearn for something extra in their life and if you as a company can give that to them, you will have happy loyal supporters of what you need them to do! Loyalty to the company is one of the best accests you can have.

We hope you’d like to have my help by becoming a personal partner to me in my career. There are several ways of doing this whereby I help you with your own events and activities, or I can organize and help you with a wide range of new ideas which maybe you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Of course, you can be seen in different ways when you’re helping me as well.

Please get in touch and let’s talk about what’s best for you and your company!

What you get:

Sponsor for me isn’t the right word – I prefer partner, as we are going to do things together that will benefit us both!

When taking me on as a partner in your project or new start, you will get a dedicated associate with your interests at heart. No problem will be too hard  we’ll fix whatever you need.

Association with a champion is always good for a company and I have won several titles, including European 1000 Stock Cup and a member of the Endurance World Cup Team Wojcik racing who came in as best Independent Team and total 4th of all teams and winner of the Dunlop Cup 2020.

I am riding at the highest level of any Swedish racer and will give you my complete support in the goals you have for your company. Personal visits, help with organisation and leading your activities, whatever they may be. As a personal partner, you will be named on this homepage and presented as such, as well as on my race leathers and social media.

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